Consistent Cell Counting

Automated cell counters and cell analysers


Consistent Cell Counting

Automated cell counters and cell analysers



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A female scientist is pipetting next to a hemocytometer, trypan blue flask, pipette tip box, tally counter, and notebook.

Meet the XcytoMatic® 40

Experience next-level precision in cell density analysis with the XcytoMatic® 40

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Our trained Field Application Scientists (FAS) are available to respond to your support needs.

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About ChemoMetec

ChemoMetec is a leading manufacturer of cell counting and analysis equipment worldwide. We specialize in developing and producing high-precision instrumentation, delivering consistent data for thousands of customers across biotech, pharma and academic segments.

We are experiencing exponential growth as we strive to be the number one provider in life sciences.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Denmark. Since 1997, we have built our instruments and consumables with quality materials and dedicated expert workmanship.


Success Stories

Here are a few we are especially proud of.
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Will Milligan: “Counts cells quicker than any counter I’ve ever used!”

Exmoor Pharma Concepts“It performs cell counts quicker than any counter I’ve ever used! No sample prep required, just load a cartridge, load it in the system and hit go.”

Christopher Rold: “Solid unit with great repeatability and consistency”

Adicet Bio

“…Consistency of results across days, different NC200 units, testing days, and testing labs. Unit is highly durable with minimal maintenance. Definitely recommend.”

Debra Carter: “Literally panic if unable to use this machine”


“… the one time we had something go wrong (after 3 years of use) the engineer turned up within 2 hrs and fixed it!”

Matthew Skiles: “Our go-to benchtop cell counter!”


“The NucleoCounter NC-200 is simply and quick to use and provides consistent results. The operating range of cell concentrations is larger than for other automated cell counters we’ve used,..”

Jason Lamar: “Awesome little device”


“Excellent little machine; very easy to use. Have not had any issues over the last year we have been using.”

Merlyn Alphonso: “Can’t live without it.”

Vir Biotechnology

“Reliable, reproducible results, easy to use, fast. Makes cell counting a breeze. Customer service has been very responsive.”

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