Management team

Meet the members of our management team

Portrait photo of Rasmus Kofoed, CEO at ChemoMetec
Rasmus Kofoed
Portrait photo of Niels Høy Nielsen, Chief Financial Officer at ChemoMetec

Niels Høy Nielsen
Chief Financial Officer

Portrait photo of Martin Glensbjerg, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board at ChemoMetec
Martin Glensbjerg
Chief Operating Officer
Portrait photo of Christopher Runchel, Senior Vice President at ChemoMetec, USA
Christopher Runchel
Senior Vice President
ChemoMetec Inc., USA
Portrait photo of Martin Helbo Behrens, Chief Financial Officer at ChemoMetec, USA
Martin Helbo Behrens
Chief Financial Officer
ChemoMetec Inc., USA
Portrait photo of Søren Kjærulff, Head of Research & Development at ChemoMetec
Søren Kjærulff
Head of Research & Development
Portrait photo of Lisbet Helles, Head of Marketing at ChemoMetec
Lisbet Helles
Head of Marketing
Portrait photo of Kenneth Kaiser Paustian, Head of Finance at ChemoMetec
Kenneth Kaiser Paustian
Head of Finance
Eva Louise Lange

Ida Appel
Quality Manager

Portrait photo of Michael Packert, Head of Production at ChemoMetec
Michael Packert
Head of Production