Count & viability for multiple cell types

Cell and gene therapy at ASC Therapeutics

ASC Therapeutics is a fully incorporated biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of curative therapeutic products that are enabled by their proprietary gene editing platform, TARGATT™ and other gene editing technologies.

The company’s therapeutic development pipeline includes several preclinical stage programs in gene and cell therapy progressing into clinical stage in 2021 focusing on several blood disorders.

The team at ASC Therapeutics finds solutions for unmet medical needs and are passionate about applying new technologies to change people’s lives for the better.

Challenges & opportunities

ASC Therapeutics’ current pipeline is focused on discovering, developing and delivering cures for intractable diseases using gene and cell therapies for blood diseases.

Certain cells tend to be difficult to count manually and would introduce potential for variation for screening and monitoring of subjects in clinical trials. Through ASC Therapeutics’ transition to a GMP environment, ASC Therapeutics’ main challenge was to quickly and accurately determine cell count and viability for process development, stability, and manufacturing.

Here is what they share about their experience using the NucleoCounter® NC-200™:

“The NC-200 is easy to use. It provides consistency, reproducibility, and efficiency. We were able to use it on multiple cell types such as DSC, PBMC, and HepG2 cells. It provided consistent counts between reads and manual counting for our DSCs and PBMC cells. We didn’t have to adjust the gating for our cells either. It’s very reliable and saves us a lot of time.”

Viola Quach, Technical Project Manager, ASC Therapeutics

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