Supporting incubators & start-ups

Innovation cluster at BioLabs

ChemoMetec partners with incubators and start-ups worldwide. One of these incubators is BioLabs, a member-based network of shared labs and offices in key biotech innovation clusters throughout the United States. BioLabs at CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center, Philadelphia) hosts up to 75 early-stage Life Science start-ups.

We have a long record of supporting start-ups at every step towards reaching their goal, whether in their research or when seeking FDA-approval for a therapeutic product.

Our automated cell counters enable a direct transfer of early-stage research and validation work to later stages of development and manufacturing. We support customers with cell counting solutions within validation, change control, and process optimization.


BioLabs at CIC’s Laboratory Manager, Andrey Gorin PhD, experienced certain challenges in meeting each start-ups’ requirements before trying out NucleoCounter® cell counters:

“Some need speed, some need accuracy, some need GMP certification… Before we started using the cell counters from the NucleoCounter® family, the only solution for us was having multiple cell counters to satisfy all companies’ needs.

It led to increased load on our staff to maintain multiple machines and to unlimited questions from the users, such as which instrument to believe if they showed different results, or which one we recommended using in general.”

User commentary

“Placing NucleoCounter® NC-202™ cell counters in our tissue culture rooms provided the scientists with instruments that are very easy to use, highly reproducible, and GMP and 21 CFR Part 11-ready. Getting the counters tested with the IQ/OQ /PQ test kits leaves no questions about their accuracy and performance.

We found excellent support from the company, as all our questions have always been solved in a timely manner. We highly recommend NucleoCounter® instruments and ChemoMetec as a company to everyone who seeks high-quality cell counting.”

Andrey Gorin PhD, Laboratory Manager, BioLabs at CIC Philadelphia