Outperforming competitors in cell-based fish production

Creating cell-based fish at Bluu Seafood

Bluu Seafood is working to create delicious and nutritious cell-based fish without the environmental and ethical impact that comes with conventional fish production. The company’s fish cell cultivation platform utilizes multiple proliferative cell lines from diverse fish species.


With great cellular diversity comes differences between cell lines in parameters such as cell size, morphology and adhesion, especially with heavily aggregating cells.
These differences, which are often used as selection criteria in automated cell quantification tools, introduce cell counting challenges for the team. The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ has proven to be a reliable addition to their lab.

User commentary

“The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ has become a workhorse tool in our lab, saving us countless hours with rapid, user-friendly and consistent quantification of cells and useful metrics such as their viability, size and aggregation. Regardless of cell type, species or operator, we trust the NC-202™ to deliver reproducible data every time.

In our hands, the NucleoCounter® NC-202™’s aggregated cell counting outperformed all competitors. Inconsistency and poor performance with aggregates were problems that arose in each of the multiple leading optical automated cell counting devices we tried, but these were addressed by the NC-202™.

Our previous cell counting methods averaged about eight minutes of work per sample, which was spent pipetting reagents, setting up slides, performing imaging and analysis and data handling. With the NC-202™, we spend a maximum of one minute of work per sample.”

Frea Mehta, Scientist at Bluu Seafood

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