Targeted cancer diagnoses & therapies

Oncology discovery at Celcuity

Celcuity is developing the world’s first diagnostic tests that use a patient’s live tumor cells to identify the specific biological driver of their cancer. This more complete and accurate diagnostic approach enables the identification of cancer subtypes other technologies cannot detect.

Celcuity’s goal is to ensure patients receive the drug therapy that most precisely matches the biology of their cancer.


Previous primary patient tumor cell culturing techniques were not advanced enough for clinical tests.

Celcuity had to develop a robust methodology to work with tumor tissue and obtain cell samples suitable for functional analysis. To accomplish this, it was necessary to characterize the starting cell population and to monitor it during the sample preparation and test processes.

User commentary

“The NucleoCounter® provides a robust platform to characterize tumor cell samples in a reliable and reproducible manner with the throughput and productivity we need. It is clearly superior to alternative instruments we have worked with.”

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NucleoCounter® NC-3000™ placed next to a computer and a rack of pipettes in the lab. On the computer screen, the NucleoView™ software is open.