Programming patient cells to cure disease

Cell & gene therapy at Immusoft

Immusoft’s mission is to develop a breakthrough autologous cell therapy platform for treating a variety of human diseases through a proprietary Immune System Programming (ISP™) technology. The ISP™ technology can effectively re-program a patient’s own cells to become miniature drug factories in the body.

This hybrid cell/gene therapy approach uses a clinically validated, non-viral vector for safe, reliable insertion of functional genes into immune cells using the Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon system.


Immusoft’s autologous cell therapy platform modifies human B cells to become powerful secretory cells for in vivo drug delivery applications. With any cell-based therapeutic a central challenge is the ability to assess, accurately and quickly, the number of cells of interest in each sample and quantitate their viability. The ISP programmed cells are infused back into the patient to produce therapeutic proteins for extended periods.

“It struck me that the way the body attacks a pathogen is similar to the way a computer attacks a password. You have this idea of immunity memory. If you get a vaccine, your body remembers it and suddenly the disease that used to kill you won’t even give you the sniffles.… So we really set about treating disease from an information-based perspective.”

Matthew Scholz, Founder of Immusoft

User commentary

“We use ChemoMetec’s NC-200™ high precision automated cell counters at multiple sites as an extremely reliable and accurate standalone instrument. We use the NC-200™ towards completing our IND-enabling studies in the development of cell viability release tests for our modified B cell technology.

“The NC-200™ has become an essential workhorse instrument for pre-clinical development and future clinical applications of our ISP™ cell therapy platform.”

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