Speeding up drug discovery with automated cell counting

“Originally, we were manually counting our cells using the Hemocytometer. However, manually counting multiple cell lines tended to slow down our workflow which was no longer feasible given the expansion of our cell culture lab. To save on time, we decided to purchase an automated cell counter which allows you to count 8 cell lines on one slide within a couple of minutes.

In our company’s research area, we work extensively with mammalian, yeast and insect cell lines. We have had the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™ for the past 6 years and it is a dream to work with. We chose the NucleoCounter® for our cell culture lab for standard viability and cell counts.

The instrument is user-friendly and gives high-quality results at high speed. This has had a positive impact on our workflow as we work in a fast-paced environment where tasks such as manual cell counting can be time-consuming and slow down our pipeline.

As we expand our labs, we are looking forward to purchasing more instruments and seeing what newer models ChemoMetec has to offer.”

– An Anonymous US-Based Drug Discovery Company.