Eliminate Human Error in Cell Counting

Product Number: 941-0002
Size: 100 pcs.
Storage: Room temperature


  • No human interference in cell counting
  • Safe, non-toxic system: No handling of dyes or diluents
  • Individually volume-calibrated for ultimate accuracy
  • Eliminates the use of trypan blue
  • Acquire sample and stain cells with one push on a piston

The NucleoCassette™ is a specialized cell sampling and staining device for viability and cell count applications with the NucleoCounter® NC-100™ and YC-100™ automated cell counters.

The cassette contains immobilized propidium iodide (PI). When the cassette has been loaded with approximately 60 µl of cell sample solution, the PI dissolves and mixes with the sample, staining dead cell nuclei.

Used with NucleoCounter® YC-100™, NucleoCounter® NC-100™
Dye Propidium iodide (PI)
Loading volume 60 µl
Analysis volume 1.4 µl
Samples/cassette 1

Package Insert NucleoCassette™Package Insert