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Product Number: 941-0012
Size: 100 pcs.
Storage: Room temperature


  • No human interference in cell counting
  • Individually volume-calibrated cassettes for ultimate precision
  • Acquire sample and stain cells with built-in pipette
  • Closed, non-toxic system: No contact with dyes or media
  • Prevents the need for the carcinogenic trypan blue stain

The Via1-Cassette™ is a specialized cell sampling and staining device for viability and cell count applications with NucleoCounter® instruments. It contains the fluorophores acridine orange (AO) and 4’,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI), which are immobilized within the cassette’s channels.

Approximately 60 µl of a cell sample is loaded into the cassette, dissolving AO and DAPI dyes in the mixing channels. AO stains both live and dead cells, providing a total count, whereas DAPI stains the dead cells.

Each cassette carries an individual dot-code indicating the exact volume of its counting chamber, which is read by the NucleoCounter® to calculate the exact cell concentration. The total volume of analysis within the counting chamber is approximately 1.4 µl.

Although trypan blue is a commonly used cell staining dye, it is a carcinogen. Therefore, operators are potentially exposed to the dye when pipetting and staining cell samples. The Via1-Cassette™ is a safe, cell counting system that does not contain trypan blue. In addition, any cell handling prior to counting occurs inside the cassette, thereby shielding the user from potential hazardous cell material or toxic staining reagents. For more information on safety, Via1-Cassette™ Conformity Statement can be requested by contacting

Used with NucleoCounter® NC-200™, NucleoCounter® NC-3000™
Dye Acridine orange (AO) and DAPI
Loading volume 60 µl
Analysis volume 1.4 µl
Samples/cassette 1

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