Cell Assays

Cell Assays for NucleoCounter® Instruments.

Purple cell aggregates on a blue background
Male and female scientists use the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™ in a lab
Male and female scientists in the lab. A woman wearing a lab coat and blue gloves loads a Via1-Cassette™ with a cell sample next to a NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.
Scientist is using the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ in a lab
Diagram of the cell cycle stages G1, S, G2, M and G0
A female scientist is passaging cells in a LAF cabinet using a serological pipette
DNA strand that is intact at one end and breaking down into smaller pieces at the other end.
Cell counting results for the FlexiCyte™ assay displayed in the NucleoView™ software
Cell counting data image from a transfection where a GFP reporter has been used to measure the transfection efficiency.
3D rendered Animation of a Mitochondria Cell
Illustration of a bioreactor for culturing cells grown on microcarriers