Cell counting in GMP environments

One cell counter for all stages of the manufacturing process

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ automated cell counter is ideal for cell counting in GMP environments. The instrument is straightforward to use, counts accurately, and yields robust results in a few steps. Operator bias is kept to a minimum, while the simplified workflow saves you time.

The data generated by the NucleoCounter® is traceable and securely stored with intuitive software. With the optional 21 CFR Part 11 license for GMP-compliance, you can log in with user-group credentials to record your actions in a secure audit trail format. The NucleoCounter® is also easy to clean.

Together, these features make the NucleoCounter® suited for regulated laboratory environments, including manufacturing cell-based products.

A simplified workflow

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ flow (top) takes 1 minute, has high precision, and has only 1 step.  The manual cell counting flow (bottom) takes 5 minutes, has low precision, and has three steps.

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ saves you time and optimizes workflow. Compared to manual counting, the workflow is simpler, faster and easily standardized. Sample preparation is minimal, and the cassette technology does not require you to pipette samples or manually add dyes.

The key to the simplified NucleoCounter® workflow is the Via2-Cassette™—it combines your pipette, mixing apparatus, and disposal container. The cassette eliminates time-consuming steps and provides more standardized, high-precision cell counts.

Experience precision & repeatability

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ is most precise automated cell counter on the market. Its LEDs, optics and light profiles are calibrated using a master instrument in our headquarters to ensure that data is acquired under consistent conditions and as a result, all instruments count the same. Consequently, all NucleoCounter® NC-202™ instruments are inter-comparable.

The instrument’s LED intensity is stable over time which ensures consistent readings and durability. Find out more about LED stability. The optics in the NC-202™ are set during production and cannot be altered. For these reasons, the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ does not need to be calibrated on an ongoing basis. Instead, scheduled IQ, OQ and PQ procedures are used to verify instrument performance. The Via2-Cassette™ is volume-calibrated during production, which ensures consistency during the cell sampling and staining steps.

The unique technology that combines the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ and Via2-Cassette™, paired with our dedicated customer support and service, has led to our system being widely used by many of the world’s leading laboratories and companies. We value collaboration, ensuring we continue to adapt our products to meet our customers’ needs and goals. Many NucleoCounter® users have successfully validated our equipment for their specific purposes in clinical applications or manufacturing. Application-specific validation is necessary since the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ is intended for research use only.

Validate instrument performance with speed using IQ / OQ / PQ Kits

Components that necessary to perform an IQ/OQ/PQ analysis on the NucleoCounter® NC-202™.

Functional qualification of the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ is easily implemented using the available Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) kits. These kits are available from ChemoMetec to perform scheduled instrument performance validation.

Data management across multiple cell counters & locations

Need to manage your data in a facility with multiple automated cell counters in several cleanroom suites? The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ provides a universal solution. NC-View™, the instrument’s software, ensures that it can be used with a license for GMP/21 CFR Part 11. Data generated by the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ can be saved locally or on a network in a secure file format. There is no limit to the number of IT systems that the NC-View™ software can be installed on, providing flexibility in your data management and analysis.
NC-View™ auto-generates and archives PDF reports. The reports contain an abstract with the most critical information from the recorded data. PDF versions can be auto-saved, opened and/or printed.

Illustration data management between scientists with different NucleoCounter® NC-202™ instruments and in different locations.

Personal support by our dedicated experts

A male scientist beside a NucleoCounter® NC-202™ is talking to his colleague about cell counting results on his laptop.
ChemoMetec is fully committed to the success and satisfaction of our customers. We offer training, application support and we have dedicated field service teams to ensure our customers achieve optimal instrument performance and the best quality results.

Instrument cleaning, maintenance & safety

In the event of any spills, only the external casing of the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ requires cleaning with a 70% ethanol solution and a soft cloth or tissue. Dust can be removed by pressurized air (spray). Keeping the lid closed when not in use protects the instrument from dust and spills. The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ can be easily moved for daily or routine cleaning procedures as it only weighs 4.9 kg (10.8 lb).
This closed cell counting system uses the self-contained disposable Via2-Cassette™ which helps the user stay protected when handling samples. No pipettes, no exposure to (toxic) reagents, and minimal clean-up make the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ a safe option. Learn more about this unique cell counting system.


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