Consumables – NucleoCounter® NC-250™

This is a comprehensive list of sampling devices, reagents and test kits for the NucleoCounter® NC-250™ advanced cell analyzer

Product typeProduct numberProduct name
Sampling Devices942-0001NC-Slide A2™
942-0003NC-Slide A8™
Test Kits912-0012NC-250™ IQ/OQ Test Kit
974-0004NC-250™ PQ Test Kit
Solutions910-0003Reagent A100, 500 ml
910-0002Reagent B, 500 ml
910-3002Solution 2 Propidium Iodide Staining Solution, 25 ml
910-3003Solution 3 DAPI Staining Solution, 25 ml
910-3006Solution 6 VB-48™ PI, 1 ml
910-3010 Solution 10 Lysis Buffer, 100 ml
910-3011Solution 11 Stabilization Buffer, 100 ml
910-3012Solution 12 DAPI, 1 ml
910-3017Solution 17 Blood Lysis Buffer, 25 ml
910-3018Solution 18 (200 analysis) AO•DAPI, 1 ml
Accessories930-0005 Power Supply NucleoCounter® NC-200™, NC-250™, SCC-400™
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