How to Apply New Gating and Create PDF Report

  • Open NucleoView
  • Using the File Browser open a file which contains a sample with the gating you wish to apply to other samples.
  • Right click on the sample ID and select “Show Data”, this will open the plot manager.
  • Repeat this for the samples which you want to reanalyze
  • Once you have everything opened in the plot manager that you wish to reanalyze, you can apply the gating
  • Next to Master Row, type in the row # with the gating that you wish to apply to all other samples and hit “APPLY”

Then to save this change for all samples, Right Click near top off plot manager and select “Save Unsaved Rows”

  • This will save the change as a post processing file (i.e .cmpp) and will not overwrite the original data.
  • To create a PDF report for these adjusted samples showing the new changes, Click on the file browser icon again
  • Click on the first sample you want to create a report for, hold shift (or CTRL and select individual files) and click the last sample you want a report for
  • Then right Click on the highlighted samples and select Create PDF Report

A new pop up will open, under Plot Manager Data, select “Last Saved Data”

  • At the bottom you can choose whether to Save, Open, or Print. If this was GMP data generated on a 21CFR enabled instrument you will not be able to Save unless you rename the files.
  • On the new PDF it will show the plots with the new gates. *Note the original data values will still be listed in the tables directly under the image

The newly calculated values based on the adjusted gate will be listed in the table to the Right of the Plots

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