How to check manually entered cell count data


Correct analysis of cell counting data is a key parameter for Chemometec success during a demo. In order to maximise success, a through check of customer data should be performed. This guide shows how to double check customer data entries.

How to check manually entered cell count data

Customers may make mistakes in typing or computing cell counting data. Therefore, it is important to double check the data. Check that Viability, total count, dead, and live count are correct. 

Use the equation(s):

Total Count = Live Count + Dead Count

Viability = Live Count / Total Count

Then compare the calculated data with the typed in data e.g. 

                      DTotal Count = [Total Counttyped – Total CountCalculated ] / Total Counttyped

IF  DTotal Count < 1 % everything is fine, and differences are likely due to rounding errors

 IF DTotal Count > 1% Likely a typo in the data. Discard all data points associated with the error (figure). 

Use Conditional formatting in excel to highlight errors (shown below)

Discard: all data for sample dhl, and o for both Cedex and NC-202.

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