How to correct the display for an optimised view of NucleoView software


New customers and existing customers alike will need a new PC/laptop at some point. It is important that when the NucleoView software is installed, it is ready for the customer to use immediately. Certain customers experience a faulty software that is not solved after uninstallation and reinstallation. This problem is with the way that NucleoView software looks when installed. The following will take you through the likely scenario and offers a simple fix for the problem that can be offered to the customer on-site and remotely. 

The software problem

The software generally works well for all customers. However, some of the customers face a “squashed” UI when they first launch the software after a fresh installation (Figure 1) 

This seems to appear because of a resolution problem. Customers should be advised that an uninstallation is not necessary, and all their data is safe.

The Solution 

Step 1

The user should be instructed to close the NucleoView software and hide or minimise all other opened software so that they have access to their desktop background. 

Step 2

Right click on the desktop and click on Display settings (Figure 2)

Step 3

In the scale and layout section, the user can change the size of text, apps and other items. This is usually set by windows to a certain percentage based on the operating system (Figure 3)

Step 4

Change the size to anything lower than 150% and launch the software to see if it is displayed properly (Figure 4). Repeat this until you get the desired results. Different computers have different resolutions and recommended size. It is important to communicate to the customer that the laptop/tablet/computer should always be used in this setting as interfering with the setting can change the NucleoView’s UI presentation. 

A dedicated computer for all NucleoCounters is recommended. 

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