How to create software packages for NC-200, NC-250, and NC-3000


Software packages are used to install NucleoView on a computer in order to control NucleoCounter devices of the series NC-200, NC-250, and NC-3000. Usually, NucleoView install packages are delivered to a customer with a NucleoCounter device, preinstalled on a USB-stick. Software packages as described below, have to be created by FAS in case:

-The customer lost the original USB stick and needs to reinstall the software.

-There has been a software update that you need to deliver to a customer.

How to create software packages for NC-200, NC-250, and NC-3000

Open Barracuda Network Access Client and press “Connect”.

Enter your credentials and password and press “Connect” (Microsoft credentials).

Open File Browser to „production (\\cm8) (O:)” à “Software”.

For NC-200, copy the folder “950-0201 – NC-200 SW”

For NC-250, copy the folder “950-0251 – NC-250 SW”

For NC-3000, copy the folder “950-3001 – NC-3000 SW”

Paste the respective folder to your desktop or designated folder. Open the folder. The content should look like this.

This is the basic install package. In order to customize the Software to a specific device, you need the serial number of the device, as well as the licenses the customer is running. To get this information straight, ask your client to send you a screenshot of the “License File” window under “View” in NucleoView. Serial numbers and licenses are displayed there.

In the next step, open the folder “Produktionsdokumentation”.

Choose the folder for the device in question (in this example, an NC-200 with the SN 9000201071601044).

Choose the series according to the last four digits of the serial number (in this example 1044).

Choose your serial number. Copy the whole folder and paste it into your Software package in the “data” folder.

To create the necessary licenses, go back to (O:) and open the folder “License Key Tool”

Activate the “LicenseKeyGenerator”.

Enter Password: SALG3000

Enter the serial number and choose the licenses (one at a time).

Press “Add license” and proceed in the same way with all the licenses you need.

Save the license file in the “data” folder of your installation package. Done.

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