How to Export Counting Data from NucleoView to Excel (NC-200, NC-250, NC-3000)


While some customers may be content copying data down manually or simply producing a PDF report for their batch records, many instead wish to transfer their counts to a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft excel for data storage in a single location or for calculating statistics on their data set. The instructions contained below will show how to export the numerical information of multiple data files at once in a format easily inputted into any spreadsheet program.

How to Export Counting Data from NucleoView to Excel (NC-200, NC-250, NC-3000)

  • First, begin by opening your NucleoView Software and navigating to the file browser as shown below.

Once open, please select the files you wish to export by either clicking and dragging to highlight multiple files at once, or CTRL+Clicking to select individually select multiple files for export

Once your files have been selected, please right click on one of the highlighted files to open a drop down menu with several options, please select “Add to Report” or simply press the + key

Once Add to report has been selected, a new window will appear that will take a moment to compile the data from the highlighted reports. Once your data files have populated this new window, please click “To Clipboard”

Once copied to clipboard you may simply open excel or another spreadsheet program and paste your data in (Right click and select paste, or press CTRL+V)

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