How to export/import a protocol in the NucleoView software


Adapted protocols are created by the user for a number of reasons, and often these protocols must be moved between multiple devices within an organization. The following instructions will assist you with the import and export of protocols on the NucleoView Software.

Protocols that will be imported onto an instrument with 21 CFR Part 11 will need to have the protocol locked before importing will be successful.

How to export/import a protocol in the NucleoView software

**Please note on 21 CFR PT 11 Enabled Machines the following steps must be performed by a NucleoViewAdmin**

Exporting a protocol

  • Click on the “Protocol Selection” folder.
  • Right click on the protocol.
  • Select “Export Protocol Adaptation.” You will be prompted to save the protocol.
  • This protocol is now ready to be imported onto another instrument. You just need to copy the protocol to a flash drive.

Importing a protocol

  • Have a copy of adapted protocol available on the computer.
  • Select “File” à “Import Package” in the NucleoView software.
  • You will be prompted to open the file from the saved location. Click “Open.”
  • There will be a pop-up indicating that the import was successful.
  • Close and re-open NucleoView software before using the new protocol.
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