How to install multiple NucleoCounter on the same Laptop


NucleoCounter instruments are controlled by NucleoView Software, installed on an external Computer/Laptop. Every purchased NucleoCounter comes with a USB stick, where the Software installation package, customized to the respective instrument (Serial Number, Licenses) is pre-installed. In the most common scenario, one instrument is controlled by one Computer. However, it is possible to control multiple NucleoCounter devices with the same Computer.

How to install multiple NucleoCounter on the same Laptop

Multiple NucleoCounter can be installed on one Computer in two general ways:

1. Using the USB install sticks

2. by creating multiple license files

  1. If you are on site and you have all the USB install sticks at hand, you can simply insert one USB stick after the other to install the necessary licenses. Just proceed with the initial software package in the standard fashion. After successfully installing the software, put in the next respective USB stick and follow the on-screen instructions of the installation wizard. The wizard will then install the additional Licenses (associated to the Serial Number of the next respective device) into your NucleoView license folder. 
  • In case you do not have the install sticks at hand, there is another way to install the necessary licenses on top of the first installation package. After you have successfully installed one Version of NucleoView on a computer, you can create the licenses for the other devices you want to install, by using the license key tool, as described under “How to create software packages”.

In brief:Open the license key generator under production (\\cm8) (O:)

Password: SALG3000

Generate the necessary licenses for all the Serial Numbers in question.

Save the license file.

In the following, the license file can be installed on the computer via “File” à “Import package”.

You can control whether your multiple installations were successful by opening “view” à “license file” in NucleoView.

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