How to Remove a Cassette that has gotten stuck in the instrument


There are instances in which cassettes can get stuck in the instrument because the piston has not fully retracted back into the NucleoCounter. When this occurs, DO NOT pull on the cassette in an attempt to remove it. 

How Remove a Cassette that has gotten stuck in the instrument:

  • If a cassette has become stuck, the best way to remove it is to run an IQ test. 
  • To run an IQ test, go to the Protocol Selection Menu in the NucleoView Software:

In the Protocol Selection Menu, select “Verification of NC200” from the left-hand side

  • Highlight the “IQ Test” from the bottom portion of the menu and click Select. 
  • Run the assay
  • The cassette should be able to be removed after the instrument retracts the piston in the first stages of the IQ test. 
  • It is advisable to run another IQ test with the IQ test kit and test cassettes after a stuck cartridge has been removed, as the stuck cartridge will cause the initial IQ test to fail and the subsequent IQ test will indicate the instrument is in working order. 
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