How to Run a Remote Demo


Demo’s and Trials are generally done in person by a qualified Field Application Scientist. However, there are times when an in-person Demo is not possible due to location or safety restraints. In these instances, it is possible to guide the customer through the installation process and training remotely.

How To Run a Remote Demo

Pre-Customer Preparation

  • Find a space where you will be able to have your demo unit in view of a camera
  • The instrument, laptop stand, and cables should all be unassembled
  • Have all necessary consumables and reagents specific for the instrument and assays the customer will be interested in
  • Prior to connecting through a web-based video meeting with customer (i.e Zoom), be sure to have your demo unit’s PC connected to the meeting as well so you can share the screen.

Connecting with Customer and Beginning Demonstration

  • Send customer a link to the video call. 
  • Once all are on call, Demonstrate to the customer how to set up and connect their unit to the demo computer
    • Show them step by step how to set up the laptop stand (if applicable)
    • Show them how to connect the power cable to the instrument and PC
    • Show them how to connect instrument to the PC
  • Once instrument is set up and connected to PC, share your computer screen
  • Guide customer through operation of the software
    • How to select protocols
    • Entering sample ID
    • Operator ID
    • Dilution Factor
    • PDF and CSV reports
    • How to view Plot Manager and Adjust Gating (if applicable)
  • Have customer prepare a sample
  • If demonstrating NC250 or NC3000, instruct customer on how to prepare sample with any relevant reagents
  • Demonstrate how to load the cassette or slides (depending on instrument model)
  • Demonstrate how to Run the assay and have customer do as well on their end
  • Guide the customer again to view reports or plot manager if applicable
  • Instruct the customer once again on software features they may be curious about
  • Once customer is satisfied they can operate the instrument independently, thank them for their time and ask them to reach out to you with any questions
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