How to set up a new protocol based on post processing data


The NucleoView software allows users to re-analyse their data by adjusting the gating of tested samples. It is often that those adapted gates/protocols will need to be used for future measurements. Hence, here we show how to set up a new adapted protocol based on a result that has been re-analysed.

How to set up a new protocol based on post processing data

  • As shown in the plot manager below, the first row is the raw data of a measurement, and the second row is re-analysed data with adjusted gate.

Save the adjusted gating by clicking the save bottom  next to the scatter plot.

Go back to the main interface of the software, select the adjusted result in the “Data folders and files” dialogue window and then go to “Tools” – “Protocol Adaption Wizard”.

  • After the “Protocol Adaption Wizard” window shows, go to the “Step 2”.

Select the adjusted result by clicking the file selection bottom shown below.

Post processing data will show in the next row.

Double click at the row dialogue (the area in the left of the scatter plot) of the second row.

The window below will prompt out and click “No” to make the post processing data as the master row.

Go to “Step 4”, name the new protocol as you wish, click “Save” and then “Finish”.

Then, the new adapted protocol can be found in the protocol selection window.

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