How to Set Up Gating on the NC-200


While the default gate on the NC-200 will capture the vast majority of cell types commonly studied, it is critical to ensure that your primary population is included in the gate to ensure a representative and repeatable count. This is commonly seen in patient samples and cells undergoing a treatment, but it is important to check and ensure that the gating is appropriate for each new cell type run. The following guide will walk you through the procedure stepwise to alter gating on the NC-200 to allow you to fully capture your sample population.

How to Set Up Gating on the NC-200

**Please note on 21 CFR Enabled instruments, the following steps may be performed but the gating changes may not be saved, so it is best to perform any adjustments on another computer**

Right click on your data set and click “show data” 

This will open the plot manager, from here double click the AO plot, the left most scatter plot to enlarge it

Once the plot is enlarged, you can left click the gate twice to have the little red handles appear in the corners, with these you may adjust the size of the gate.

Once your gate has been changed to your liking, right click the gate and select copy selected gate. Then press OK at the top of the enlarged gate to temporarily save your gating changes. After this please double click the DAPI plot to enlarge that scatter plot

On the enlarged DAPI plot, you will then right click in the white space and select paste gate from the drop down menu.

  • Once the gate is pasted, you must then adjust the default DAPI gate (shown here in red) to fit the pasted gate, as only the default gate will read information for the main nucleoview screen.
  • After you have adjusted the DAPI gate you may delete the pasted gate by left clicking it once to turn it red without handles, and then pressing the delete key.

Once you are happy with your gating changes please click the small floppy disk icon at the top left of the row to save your changes

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