How to Troubleshoot the NC-100


While the NC-100 is a simple device to use, there are some errors that could easily be avoided and explained to our customers during a visit or an on-line training session. The following information is also available on the ChemoMetec intranet and can be found in the NC-100 section. The errors listed are not in order of importance. 

Troubleshooting NC-100

Error 1 – No valid cassettes

When trying to analyse a no valid cassette error (Figure 1), it is important to remember that this happens in the following situations:

  • The cassette has been analysed previously
  • The cassette is not inserted properly into the instrument
  • There is no cassette inserted into the NucleoCounter

Error 2 – Analysis aborted

When the stained mixture inside the cassette does not reach the chamber within a given time. The following error (Figure 2) is presented on the instrument.

The error will also occur if the cassette has not been inserted properly into the NucleoCounter. Here, the instrument cannot press the piston down, causing the error. To correct for this, carefully take out the cassette and insert it back into the instrument properly and run the analysis.

Error 3 – Actuator related message 

The actuator moves the piston down into the barrel of the cassette. Two different actuator error messages can be displayed on the NC-100 (Figure 3). The same action is to be taken if either appears.

First, examine if the cassette has been inserted properly. If not, insert the cassette once more and attempt the analysis again. If the cassette was inserted properly turn the NucleoCounter on and off a few times. If the actuator moves during start-up, it is likely that the error has been corrected. 

Error 4 – Sample could not be analysed 

When the NucleoCounter cannot determine the concentration of cells during analysis, an error message is displayed (Figure 4)

The error appears if the concentration of stained nuclei inside the cassette chamber is too high, e.g. when the sample is insufficiently diluted. The message can also appear if the lid is not closed, which may cause ambient light to interfere with the analysis.

Error 5 – Sensor 

The black dots, which are printed on the cassettes are read by sensors inside the NucleoCounter each time an analysis is run. The dots code for the volume of lyzate mixture in the cassette chamber. If one or more of the sensors has a faulty operation an error message will be displayed (Figure 5). 

If the error message is displayed, sample analysis can still be made but the accuracy of the results cannot be guaranteed since the volume of the measurement chamber may not be read correctly.

Error 6 – Power failure 

If the NC-100 cannot be turned on, please verify that the power supply is connected to the instrument and a working power plug. Furthermore, if all else is in place, it is advised to change the fuse (Figure 6).

The fuse holder is located just above the NucleoCounter´s power plug as can be seen in the above picture. Disconnect the power supply from the device, remove the fuse holder by use of a screwdriver (turn CCW). Inspect the fuse. If it needs replacement use a fuse: 1.25A/250Vac (UL 248).

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