Legacy instruments

We are very proud of these legacy products that have been the forerunners for our new products.
If you have any questions regarding these products, please get in touch with us; we will happily answer them.

NucleoCounter® YC-100™ front

NucleoCounter® YC-100™

Automated Yeast Cell Counter

  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Safe sample handling and disposal
  • Dedicated assay for aggregated cells
NucleoCounter® SCC-100™ front

NucleoCounter® SCC-100™

The Most Precise Automated Somatic Cell Counter

  • Analysis in 30 seconds
  • No cleaning or calibration required
  • Excellent data reproducibility
NucleoCounter® NC-100™

NucleoCounter® NC-100™

Image-Based Cytometry Cell Counter

  • Easy operation
  • No cleaning or calibration
  • Excellent for aggregated cells