Optimising cell counting in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

The consistent growth of cells is a central component of the majority of biopharmaceutical processes and cell counting is a key aspect of the training on offer at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT).

In this webinar, representatives of Research and Training at the NIBRT will describe how this critical aspect of the manufacturing processes may be optimised.

Key learnings from the webinar

  • Training and cell counting for biopharma manufacturing
  • Considerations for cell counting from a GMP perspective – past, present and future
  • Adopting a novel cell counting process – case study

Host: Annemieke Karyotis (PhD), Field Application Scientist at ChemoMetec
Presenter: Adam Pritchard (PhD), Training Team Lead, National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT)
Presenter: Adam Bergin (PhD), Cell Technology Group, National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT)
Duration: 40 minutes


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  1. Would like to access the webinar

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    • Hi Azadeh,
      Thank you for your interest in our webinar! The full webinar is available at the bottom of this page. Please let me know if you have difficulties accessing the video, and I will happily look into it.

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