NucleoCounter® SCC-100™

The Most Precise Automated Somatic Cell Counter


  • Easy to operate
  • Analysis in 30 seconds
  • No cleaning or calibration required
  • Excellent data reproducibility
  • Safe sample handling and disposal


The NucleoCounter® SCC-100™ somatic cell counter is a high-quality image cytometer ideal for dairy production. The SCC-100™ measures the number of somatic cells in a milk sample with high precision and accuracy.

This instrument is extremely simple to use, even for the untrained operator. Measuring cell counting and viability is made easy with the SCC-Cassette™, an innovative disposable device. Simply add the reagent to the sample, load the sample into the instrument and get results within 30 seconds.

Read more about the Cassette technology

The measurement range is from 1×104 cells/ml to 2×106 cells/ml, with an optimal range from 1×104 cells/ml to 1×106 cells/ml.

A true stand-alone instrument, the NucleoCounter® SCC-100™ somatic cell counter performs all calculations, cell counting and data analysis. Transfer image data directly to your PC for additional documentation options.


SCC-100™ Product Video


Application type(s)

Cell count & viability analysis

Cell type(s)

Somatic cells from the dairy industry


SomaticView™ for documentation and
presentation (optional)

Capacity (Analysis Time)

30 seconds

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