NucleoCounter® SCC-100™

The Most Precise Automated Somatic Cell Counter


  • Easy to operate
  • Analysis in 30 seconds
  • No cleaning or calibration required
  • Excellent data reproducibility
  • Safe sample handling and disposal


The NucleoCounter® SCC-100™ somatic cell counter is a high-quality image cytometer ideal for dairy production. The SCC-100™ measures the number of somatic cells in a milk sample with high precision and accuracy.

This instrument is extremely simple to use, even for the untrained operator. Measuring cell counting and viability is made easy with the SCC-Cassette™, an innovative disposable device. Simply add the reagent to the sample, load the sample into the instrument and get results within 30 seconds.

The measurement range is from 1×104 cells/ml to 2×106 cells/ml, with an optimal range from 1×104 cells/ml to 1×106 cells/ml.

A true stand-alone instrument, the NucleoCounter® SCC-100™ somatic cell counter performs all calculations, cell counting and data analysis. Transfer image data directly to your PC for additional documentation options.


SCC-100™ Product Video


Application type(s)

Cell count & viability analysis

Cell type(s)

Somatic cells from the dairy industry


SomaticView™ for documentation and
presentation (optional)

Capacity (Analysis Time)

30 seconds

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