Solution 19


Product Number: 910-3019
Size: 100 μl
Storage: < 5°C. Protect against moisture and light

Solution 19 – VB-43™ is a staining reagents containing the dye VitaBright-43™ (VB-43™). This thiol-reactive fluorescent probe is used to detect changes in the level of reduced thiols such as GSH in apoptotic cells or cells undergoing other pathological processes.

The level of reduced thiols is an indicator of the overall cellular health status, and using VB-43™ provides a very easy and fast way to evaluate cell vitality. Please refer to the specific Application Notes for detailed instructions.

The solution is for research use only (RUO) and is not for diagnostic or therapeutic uses. Please refer to the documents below for further details. Order the product in our Webshop.

Use for

Vitality Assays with the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.

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