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A comparison of DNA quantitation by image and flow cytometry
A decrease in cellular thiols caused by drug-induced
A novel rapid apoptosis assay based on thiol redox status
A Novel Scalable Production Platform for Lentiviral Vectors Based on Human Suspension Cell Lines
A simple and rapid method for DNA content measurements
Cell count determination of aggregated HEK293 suspension cells and Vero cells on microcarriers
Delineating the Critical Process Parameters for Cell Therapy Cryopreservation
Quantitative assesment of apoptotic events using image and flow cytometry
The Effect of Cryomedia Selection and Transient Warming Events on Post-Cryopreservation Human MSC Function
Transition to GMP, chemically-defined, xeno-free cryopreservation media increases post-thaw functionality of clinically relevant cell banks