Podcast: Standardizing cell counting

Solving challenges for successful experiments

The Cell Culture Dish’s podcast saw our Global Product Manager, Christian Berg, discuss the importance of standardizing cell counting for successful experiments. This is an essential consideration for:

  • Manufacturing biologics (biosimilars) e.g. CHO cells
  • Cell therapy and virus manufacturing, e.g. microcarrier cultures
  • Bioassays used for drug testing
  • Research teams looking at a multitude of cell types


Often overlooked, cell density influences cell signaling, which affects cell culture growth and production, making it a critical parameter to control a successful manufacturing process. When tightly controlled, cell culture and manufacturing standardization leads to higher success rates and savings in time and cost.

The main challenges when standardizing cell counting:
  • Variation: Inaccuracies in human and instrumental procedures
  • Stability: Ensuring instrument up-time is maximized
  • Data Management: Reliable transfer of processes across sites


Cell manufacturing in several industries is starting to include robotics and reliable manufacturing execution systems (MES). Full integration of cell counting instruments with industry processes will allow for better standardization and ultimately better products for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.


Listen to the podcast below 


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