Operator Training & Certification

Training for GMP Manufacturing Staff and New Users

Are you prepared for regulatory audits? Can you train new staff quickly on your manufacturing equipment? Can your staff troubleshoot the instruments you use?

To keep manufacturing runs smooth, comprehensive preparation is required. Our Operator Training & Certification program helps you prepare by training GMP manufacturing staff on the correct use of the NucleoCounter NC-200™ and NC-202™.

The program takes place over one-session, on-site wherever you are. After the training program has been completed, staff will understand how data is handled on the NucleoCounter®, so you are inspection-ready. Staff will also learn how to troubleshoot on the cell counter, to minimize downtime.

On-Site, All-Inclusive Training

The Operator Training & Certification is an on-site program conducted by a ChemoMetec instructor. Instruments, consumables and necessary paperwork will be provided by ChemoMetec, and the training requires a minimum of four persons per session.

What This Training Involves

Participants will be thoroughly trained on how to correctly operate the instrument and its consumables to obtain accurate and precise cell counts. They will learn to troubleshoot, navigate the software and handle all acquired data. Highlights of this program include:

  • Learning to correctly handle samples using the Via1-Cassette™/Via2-Cassette™
  • Troubleshooting during routine use of the instrument
  • Operation of the NucleoCounter® instrument and its accompanying software
  • Certification through theoretical and hands-on testing

After attendees pass the Certification Test (theory) and the Accuracy & Precision Test (hands-on), their ChemoMetec instructor will award them a certificate attesting to their ability to operate the instrument in a cGMP setting.

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