Supporting COVID-19 Research & Therapy Development

We are supporting the fight against COVID-19, backing industry leaders across multiple initiatives in their crucial work. Our automated cell counter and analysis instruments are being used to battle this pandemic, enabling researchers to advance our understanding of the virus and to explore new treatments. Supporting COVID-19 research and therapy is extremely important to us.

Our NucleoCounter® instrumentation is aiding discoveries in the areas of cell therapy, vaccines, antibody production, and R&D.
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We want to provide support to more partners in industries where we possibly can. Get in touch with details on your project—we would like to see how we can help you in your work against COVID-19.

Cell Therapy – CAR-T & Stem Cells

Cell therapies are emerging as a powerful weapon in the fight against COVID-19 and include immune and stem cell therapies that can help manage the immune response to this infection. As COVID-19 is impacting people’s lives and shutting down societies, there is an urgent need to make cell-based therapies accessible.

ChemoMetec is working with the world leaders in cell therapy, and our automated cell counters are currently used in FDA-approved cell therapy manufacturing. Our counters are GMP-ready, easy to incorporate into standard operating procedures, and give consistent results across users and instruments, which together with regulatory bodies’ familiarity with our instruments, will help speed up the process to get therapeutic products to market. For primary stem cells and cells that aggregate, our dedicated assay can neutralize debris and break up cell aggregates to give consistent results.

Vaccine Production

ChemoMetec’s automated cell counters are currently used in vaccine manufacturing and development across the globe. Rapid development and reliable production for vaccines are vital in establishing long-term immunity to COVID-19. Providing the best possible tools and support for organizations actively engaged in this endeavor is now critical. Find out how we support AdaptVac’s COVID-19 vaccine development.

Our counters are designed for easy incorporation into a manufacturing setting, being both GMP-ready and providing consistent cell counts and viabilities. To support the advancement of vaccine production, we developed a dedicated assay to count cells grown on microcarriers. This assay significantly reduces the number of steps required to obtain counting data, resulting in fewer sources of variability and more precise counts. As less steps are needed, results can also be acquired in a few minutes compared to existing methods, which can take up to an hour.

Antibody Production

Antibody therapy is a promising avenue in the battle against COVID-19. As this virus is changing the way we live, accelerating research and development into these biologic therapies is critical for the safety of our society.

Our automated cell counters are uniquely suited to the production of antibodies and other biologics through our dedicated assay that works to neutralize debris and break apart cell aggregates to give you the consistent results you need to push your therapy through the pipeline and into market.

Viral Research & Development

ChemoMetec is working with labs at every level of research, from R&D to production and manufacturing. Our GMP-ready automated cell counters ensure accurate and precise cell counts and will leave you with more time to dedicate to other experiments to help better understand this virus. In addition to our automated cell counters, we also provide a full suite of image cytometry equipment with built-in cell cycle, GFP transfection efficiency and apoptosis assays to augment and accelerate your cell analysis capabilities.

Our technology is developed to ensure consistent results between users and instruments, allowing for simple transfer between different departments

A Safe, Non-toxic Cell Counting System

A closed cell counting system that uses self-contained disposable cassettes, helps the user stay protected when handling samples. No pipettes, no exposure to (toxic) reagents, and minimal clean-up make the NucleoCounter® system a safe option.

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