The pandemic a year on

Success stories about COVID-19 treatment & vaccine development

While the past year has been abnormal and quite challenging, it has been a constant motivation to know that we at ChemoMetec can play a part in the fight against the coronavirus:

1.Early in 2020, we provided the Copenhagen University member of the PREVENT-nCoV consortium with our new automated cell counter to support their development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Now in clinical trial, this vaccine is based on the VLP technology. The PREVENT-nCoV consortium consists of six European institutes and biotech companies.

2. The Méary Center APHP is using our cell counter to develop an MSC-based treatment for patients with respiratory symptoms.

3. The Jenner Institute used our automated cell counter to develop the Oxford/AstraZeneca mRNA-based vaccine, which is now being administered to many across the world.

4. Finally, in November, we sat down and talked to Drs. Ali Salanti and Max Moscote Søgaard from AdaptVac and ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies, respectively, to talk about how to fast-track vaccine development and testing. Their COVID-19 vaccine has been recently (as of March 2021) approved for clinical trials in humans.

Photo collage of vaccine administration, chest X-ray, vaccine vial, and webinar setup.


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