Can the NucleoCounter® count cells grown on microcarriers, or cells that are usually difficult to count?

Automated cell counting using a NucleoCounter® with the Cell Count & Viability Assay is an accurate and reliable method for measuring cell count and viability in microcarrier cultures. This assay is specifically designed for microcarriers and requires a lysis step immediately before the cell counting step, which rapidly releases nuclei from the microcarriers into suspension.
The operator simply loads the sample containing released nuclei into the Via2-Cassette™, which is pre-loaded with fluorescent dyes for automated fluorescent staining. The image acquired by the NucleoCounter® is then automatically processed by its software, handling data acquisition, image analysis and data presentation. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes and can be performed without the use of pipettes, dilutions and multi-step staining procedures.