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ChemoMetec Ventures, investing into early-stage breakthrough therapies

At ChemoMetec, we understand the unique challenges that early-stage biotechnological and pharmaceutical research companies face.

From securing funding to developing scalable and effective laboratory set-ups, the journey from concept to market comes with several obstacles.

ChemoMetec Ventures is dedicated to partnering with innovative biotech- and pharma startups.

Our mission is to provide the necessary resources, consultation, and support to help promising companies overcome hurdles and achieve the full potential of their clinical pipeline.

cell therapy with the NC-202™
Illustration data management between scientists with different NucleoCounter® NC-202™ instruments and in different locations.


We frequently encounter pharmaceutical clients, specifically in C&GT, who struggle with streamlining processes involving cell counting. Commitment to hemocytometer-based or other non-robust cell counting methods during the discovery phase may be changed to a robust method when filing for the IND, however, many neglect or lack sufficient funding to use the opportunity to change to a robust system, which will enable a smooth transition through the regulatory systems.

Typically, the later you change your method, the more bridging studies are needed in order to change to a cell counting system that will lead to smooth approval processes for your product – this includes complying with 21 CFR part 11/Annex 11 as well as presenting a realistic manufacturing process with a minimum of deviations and minimum costs in terms of manpower and patient material.

What’s included in a Venture partnership?

  • Investment we understand funds are limited in the early stages of a research program, so we’ll support with high-quality cell counting equipment for a broader range of biotech and pharma companies going into clinical trials.
  • Scientific consultation when partnering with ChemoMetec Ventures, you’ll receive tailored guidance on the specific cells used and how to best validate cell counting and analysis methods. Our team of Field Application Scientists has a broad experience with the challenges in cell counting all the way from discovery to final drug approval.
  • Automation that supports scalability Our NucleoCounter and XcytoMatic instruments enables you to take your laboratory to new heights. Our technology combined with excellent software delivers robust and scalable systems, ensuring an easier route for your product when regulatory compliance and manufacturing feasibility become pertinent topics. At ChemoMetec Ventures, we are passionate about fostering innovation and advancing science. We believe that with the right partnership, today’s startups can become tomorrows leaders in life science.
Illustration data management between scientists with different NucleoCounter® NC-202™ instruments and in different locations.

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