The Importance of Scientific Consultation in the Early Stages

Partnering with ChemoMetec Ventures means you’ll have direct access to our dedicated team of scientists, who are ready to support your specific needs.

Early-stage advanced therapy companies often face challenges in establishing a standard operating procedure that is scalable, cost-effective, consistent, and reliable.

Are you facing any of the following challenges?

  • Hurdles in building a protocol
  • Uncertainty in GMP compliance
  • Difficulties with intelligent data management and analysis
  • Scalability of your cell culture
  • Monitoring your cells at scale
cell therapy with the NC-202™
Illustration data management between scientists with different NucleoCounter® NC-202™ instruments and in different locations.


A partnership with ChemoMetec can be crucial for your success, enhancing your ability to move from preclinical stages to market, and scale from R&D to manufacturing.

If approved for the Ventures program, you’ll benefit from a complimentary initial training with our instruments integrated into your workflow.

This includes a thorough examination of your cell types and access to our extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Transform your advanced therapy research today