Science Talk: Fast-Tracking a COVID-19 Vaccine

Developing a Vaccine with VLP Technology

Join us for this Science Talk on fast-tracking a COVID-19 vaccine through its developmental pipeline using a virus-like particle (VLP) technology.


  • Max M Søgaard, PhD, Vice President at ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies.
  • Ali Salanti, PhD, Professor of Translational Microbiology; Founder & Board Member at AdaptVac
  • Louise Leth Hefting, PhD, Field Application Scientist at ChemoMetec A/S
  • Janny Marie L Peterslund, PhD, Scientific Affairs Manager at ChemoMetec A/S

In this Science Talk you’ll learn:

  • Learn about the VLP and ExpreS2 technologies
  • Get the insights on fast-tracking a COVID-19 vaccine
  • What did AdaptVac and EspreS2ion learn through this developmental work?
  • How did they work with industry partner ChemoMetec?
  • What are Salanti and Søgaard’s take on the COVID-19 vaccine landscape?

Watch this Science Talk with Drs. Ali Salanti, Max M Søgaard, and Louise Leth Hefting below.

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