How Precise Are Your Cell Counts?

A Guide to Validating a Cell Counting Method

Presenter: Annemieke Karyotis, PhD / Field Application Scientist

Do your cell counts vary at high and low concentrations? Is there too much variation between operators?

Like any methodology used in the laboratory, it’s important to validate and demonstrate that the cell counting method of choice is precise. But finding the correct methodology for testing this can be challenging, depending on the process and the sample type. This is why we’ve put this webinar together.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose an effective cell counting method
  • Methods to measure the preciseness of your cell count
  • The effect of process steps in cell counting (beads, red blood cells, transfection)
  • How to understand the source of variation in cell counting

Access our webinar “How Precise Are Your Cell Counts?” below.