XcytoMatic® Instruments: High Cell Density Analysis

The XcytoMatic® 40 and XcytoMatic® 30 are high-throughput automated cell counters for cGMP biomanufacturing. Combining dual brightfield and fluorescence microscopy to count highly dense samples, upstream cell counting will never be the same.

Xcytomatic® 40 (XM40™)

XcytoMatic® 40

Count 100 Samples/hour-Consistently

  • Fast processing time (~100 samples/hour)
  • Highest cell counting range yet: up to 100 million cells/ml
  • Brightfield and fluorescent microscopy (trypan blue-free)
XcytoMatic® 30

XcytoMatic® 30

The most flexible cell counter ever

  • Counts up to 100 million cells/ml
  • Brightfield and fluorescence microscopy (trypan blue-free)
  • Integration into fully automated bioprocessing labs