XcytoMatic® 30

The most flexible cell counter ever



  • Fast processing time and simple workflows
  • Fit for the entire drug product life cycle
  • Counts up to 100 million cells/ml
  • Brightfield and fluorescence microscopy (trypan blue-free)
  • Integration into fully automated bioprocessing labs

The upcoming XcytoMatic® 30 (XM30™) is our most flexible cell counter yet. Capable of fully automated integrations as well as manual walk-up cell counting, the XM30™ is your partner throughout all stages of your drug product’s life cycle. Need to run a cell count on a lab bench? The XM30™ can do it. Need to count tens of millions of cells consistently and accurately? The XM30™ can do it. Need to monitor your cell culture remotely? You can do that with the XM30™ too.

The XM30™ is designed to deliver robust cell counts and improve user experience. With the possibility of hands-free cell counting, the instrument integrates with pipetting robots and bioreactors to help you monitor cell culture processes precisely and accurately. We pre-calibrate our instruments before they are released, ensuring reproducible cell counting.

Able to fit on any lab bench, the XM30™ has the smallest footprint out of any of our cell counters to date. The sample cone within the satellite’s body allows for creative workflows and the efficient use of space.

This instrument produces no plastic waste—the only plastic is in the reusable reagent containers. Combined with its durable construction, the XM30™ sets new standards for sustainability.

As with our other instruments, one protocol counts the majority of mammalian cell types. With a wide dynamic range, no dilutions are needed. Monitor cell concentration more often and with ease, to deepen process understanding and consistently manufacture quality therapies.

Any sample. Any user. Anywhere. Anytime.

~ Coming soon ~