XcytoMatic® 40

Count 100 Samples/hour-Consistently


  • Fast processing time (~100 samples/hour)
  • Highest cell counting range yet: up to 100 million cells/ml
  • Consistent results across instruments, users and laboratories
  • Brightfield and fluorescent microscopy (trypan blue-free)
  • 21 CFR Part 11/GMP-ready software

The upcoming XcytoMatic® 40 automated cell counter brings the precision of our NucleoCounter® line of instruments to a multi-sample platform. It employs both brightfield and fluorescent microscopy to enable fast and accurate cell counting of up to 24 samples at a time, with a dynamic range of 50,000 to 100 million cells/ml.

Only 50 µL of sample is required when using the XM40™, allowing you to save your precious samples. The instrument stains samples automatically, allowing the user to walk away and attend to other tasks.

Mixing and liquid flow are simplified, ensuring low downtime and fast acquisition. All our instruments at ChemoMetec are pre-calibrated to a gold-standard instrument. This along with the lack of moving optical parts in the XM40™ delivers robustness.

The XM40™ works with the XM-View™ software. This software includes a unique DebrisCount™ feature that indicates the amount of culture debris build-up in your sample. Directly measuring debris facilitates deeper process understanding and control.

With the fast-processing time, the broad dynamic range and multi-platform capability, you can confidently track production runs in multiple bioreactors simultaneously.

Any sample. Any user. Anywhere.

~Coming soon~

Application type(s) Cell count & viability analysis
Cell type(s) Mammalian cells, incl. cell lines and primary cells, whole blood samples, leukopaks, PBMCs, MSCs, T cells, yeast, insect cells, and aggregated cells
Software XM-View™
Consumable(s) XM Cell Stain 1, XM Rinse 1
Analysis volume 4.4 µl
Optimal range 5 x 104 – 1 x 108
Staining dye(s) Acridine orange (AO) and 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI)
Loading volume 50 μl
Excitation 2 LED light sources with peak wavelengths at 365 nm and 505 nm
Emission A single dual-band emission filter: 410 – 460 nm and 540 – 650 nm
Optics Lens with × 2.1 magnification, 2/3” CMOS camera
Data output Images, tables
Data export formats .cm, .csv, .pdf
Product Number
430 mm x W: 440 mm x D: 524 mm
50 kg
Supply voltage
24 VDC (100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz)

Sampling Devices, Reagents & Test Kits for the XcytoMatic® 40 Count 100 Samples/hour—Consistently.


Product type Product No. Product name
Software 950-0040 XM-View™
Reagents 910-0014 XM Cell Stain 1
  910-0017 XM Rinse 1
Accessories 929-0013 XM40 Carousel